Alexander Technique — Lessons

Alexander2In lessons we will explore your habitual ways of moving. Using verbal explanations and gentle hands-on guidance,  we will observe how you go about everyday activities such as sitting, standing, bending, walking, and discover your hidden habits of tension. So much of what we do is unconscious and automatic. Sometimes we are barely aware of what we are doing.  How often do we say: “How did I get here?”

As you become more self-aware and mindful, you start to move more freely in these activities, using only the amount of muscular effort which is necessary – not too much, not too little.
As you become more co-ordinated and freer in your movements, your breathing will improve and you will experience a greater sense of ease and poise.

We will also work with  any activities which are helpful to you, whether it is sitting at a computer, playing a musical instrument, hoovering……

Part of some lessons will be spent lying on a table with your head supported on books, and your feet supported by the table.

No clothing needs removing in lessons, although you will need to remove shoes before lying on the table.

We will discuss the number of lessons you might need when you come for the introductory lesson , and we keep reviewing this as we work together.  Most people find weekly lessons helpful in the beginning. If you would like to arrange an introductory lesson, click here to send me a message.