I never would have expected that re-learning how to sit down and stand up could make such a difference to my life. Noticing that I was straining all the muscles in my body to do there everyday things -- quite unnecessarily -- meant that I could start to work with and not against the way my body wants to do things.

A long term pupil   

Teaches how to let go tension........Has brought about a self-awareness.


Back and neck feel much freer. Self-awareness on other levels apart from physical. Insight into misuse over decades. Release from deep -seated tensions.


Gaining an understanding of how I use (or misuse!) my body and the habits I have, how a lot of these are unconscious and can be causing various problems in my body......I can change the way I use my body. The hand-on guidance demonstrates how my body could be aligned and can move so freely with what seems like such a small nudge in the right direction. The hand-on guidance helps me understand how I can achieve it.


Realisation that focus on one part of my body can be counter-productive.. need to constantly come back to the whole. Better general health. Using AT to manage pain and reduce pressure on parts of my body.


I've gained a better all round view of myself.


I like breathing. It's one of life's little pleasures.


Reduced back pain. Calmness of mind. Time to really focus on releasing … the body.


I feel generally more relaxed.


What I'm gaining from the Alexander Technique is real progress with my knee issue, a greater sense of physical ease, a greater sense of self-possession, and a calmer mind.


The lessons are always a revelation. They show me what can happen when I inhibit my habits. I always leave feeling fresh and relaxed.


....improving my posture, being aware of tensions and gaining ability to let go of this tension, feeling happier and more positive.


This has shown me some of the correct ways of doing things without using too much effort. A teachers' experience cannot be taught from a book.


I have become more aware of my posture, particularly how I stand.


A time to focus on yourself for a little while...a straighter back while sitting/walking. Found it invaluable in understanding how to relax and let go.


I feel generally freer and more comfortable being myself. I am more able to see myself as a whole being. I make more choices about my life......I am more aware of how I react to situations and am beginning to......work with rather than against my body. I am amazed at the power of thought and at the innate way in which the body “looks after itself”.


Increased awareness of doing tasks with less strain on body. Low-back pain much improved, forearm pain reduced and reduced pain while driving. Less shoulder tension, less headaches and more aware of what causes discomfort.


Doing 'floor-work' -- allowing my spine to lengthen and letting go of tensions in my shoulders and hips -- means that I can make the Technique into part of my daily practice, even if I haven't had a lesson for months.


Greater freeing up in my whole body. Great way to relax and to reconnect with myself.


Improved posture in general. By using a “good use” bend, I am able to tie running shoe laces at the correct tension. I am endeavouring to use AT wherever possible, particularly in those activities such as sewing or at the theatre which involve sitting for long periods.


I am gaining the knowledge …....to deal with my neck problem. This has also helped my shoulders.. and my general posture. I apply it in my walking, my ..telephone work, swimming...by just trying to be aware of my “bad” habits!!